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Namibia’s San People – Cultural Exchange or Human Zoos?

Do you want to experience modern Africa? Or rather the “noble savage” in touch with nature? I came to Namibia expecting a version of the latter: Spiritually free humans, ancient rituals, and traditional medicines. Instead I found in Windhoek a city full of shopping malls, cars, and Christian churches. When I arrived at a San village in Grashoek, I thought I’d finally found what I was looking for. But the trip made me reflect deeply upon my own naive image of Africa and question the role we play nowadays in disrupting its people’s lives.

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The Beautiful People – The San Past and Present

Cinnamon skin, petite bodies, and smiling faces: The San people are among the most beautiful tribes in Namibia. Originally, they were nomadic hunters and gatherers, living in quickly fabricated huts of twigs and straw. Today, they are forced to settle but their culture lives on. I have visited the Ju/’Hoansi-San tribe in their village in Grashoek. There, they reenact old traditions for visitors in their Living Museum.

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On the search…

On the search… I’m on the search. For what? A sense of belonging, myself, a career I feel worth pursuing, the world and the meaning of it all. The usual stuff. For a long time, I was horrified at the idea of designing my own life and that made me stop short of breath instead of going […]